To put your cause on the national map...

Capital City Partners knows how hard it is to go it alone in today's policy wilderness.  We cut through the thicket by designing comprehensive issue strategies and building effective networks.

In 2001 we took on one of the highest domestic priorities of the White House, guiding an unprecedented coalition for community and faith-based initiatives.

On behalf of Americans for Community and Faith-Centered Enterprise, Capital City Partners identified and helped channel the combined energies of dozens of leading national conservative, non-profit and religious groups.  We worked side-by-side with the White House and Congressional leaders on implementing the legislative and public information strategy.

Coalition-building requires both mechanics and motivation.   Capital City Partners has special skills in:

  • Coordinating Capitol Hill activity
  • Targeting communications
  • Building grassroots networks
  • Organizing phone banks, mail campaigns, blast faxes and driving email and web traffic
  • Generating third-party activity by major national groups
  • Working with Catholic and Evangelical organizations