To attract the financial support
your projects require...

Capital City Partners has an impressive track record of helping groups realize the full financial potential of their issues and programs.

Our principles have worked with issue organizations, presidential campaigns, political action committees and non-profit groups pursuing national projects.  We have worked with all phases of direct mail campaigns, from drafting and designing to timing and list analysis.  We stay with you for the duration, helping you to recognize new opportunities and make the most of your precious investments in resource development.

When the National Council of La Raza needed help to generate new funding for its Charter School Development Initiative, they turned to a principal of Capital City Partners.   In just over six months, we were able to help direct NCLR to high-tech philanthropists and key elements of the education reform movement.  As a result, NCLR was able to tap almost $10 million in fresh support for its high-priority program to improve educational acheivement and equity for Latino students.